All You Need To Know About Clothes Moths

If you have found holes in your clothing or carpet fabric, then, it must be done by some chewing pests like silverfish, beetles, or cockroaches. But, one most common pests that damage clothes are clothes moths, many people don’t get to know who is behind damaging their favorite dresses. If you have a huge infestation of clothes moths in your home, then, it can be your biggest problem.

Moths Control Services

For clothes moths control, you need to ensure yourself first that your clothes are being damaged by clothes moths only and no other pests are behind it. After that you need to identify where they are entering your home. And the last step you need to take is to do clothes moth control. So, they don’t damage more of your clothing. For sudden and best results you can just rely on pest control services. After all, they are experts in removing pests like clothes moths.

Like silverfish, clothes moths are also one of the pests that remain active the whole year. Their reproduction slows down during winters or in cooler conditions though. But unfortunately, your home is warmer and suitable for their living, so their infestation is very common. In this article, we will discuss all the important things which you need to know about clothes moths.

What Do Clothes Moths Eat?

Well, the major damage is done by the clothes moth larvae which eat all kinds of fabrics like fur, feathers, wool, silk, or leather. For growth and living, they need protein or keratin which they get by eating the fibers. The larvae cause very slow damage. But if you leave them thinking that they will cause no damage, then, you are making a mistake. If they are present in a very large number, then, they can cause a good amount of destruction. If you have expensive clothing in your wardrobe or closet, then, it would be better for your pest control to save your clothing from clothes moth larvae. The adult clothes moths are not a big issue as they don’t eat clothing, they just keep roaming everywhere.

Now as you know how clothes moths feed themselves, it’s time for you to know how they actually get their way to your clothing.

The clothes moths generally keep roaming and they might infest your home from the neighborhood and there is some chance that they might come with you from outdoors. There might be any reason for their infestation, keep in mind that clothes moths control is very necessary for your clothing’s safety.

Ways Of Clothes Moths Control:-

  1. Before starting the process of clothes moths control a deep pest inspection is mandatory to do. It will help to identify the infested places and the reason behind infestation.

2. Empty all your closets, and wardrobe, or clean other cluttered areas.

3. Wash all your clothes first which are affected by the infestation, then, wash those clothes which are damaged.

4. For clothes moths control, you can also use pesticides or insecticide spray to kill clothes moths or remove their larvae.


So, these are some of the important things which you need to know about clothes moths control.