Pantry Moths In The Kitchen? How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

Pantry moths in the kitchen? There is nothing more unpleasant than noticing pantry/food moths in your cupboards or in the kitchen. These small insects are so unhygienic. Their larvae feed on several foods and are found in your kitchen. With a particular appetite like flour, pasta, rice, chocolate and even animal food. If you have it, don’t panic. After all, there are many solutions to get rid of pantry moths in the kitchen. Here’s how to do it.

4 Points To Get Rid Of Pantry Moths In The Kitchen

1. Flush Out Food Moths

If you find any pantry /pantry moths, first flush out all the food moths. Inspect your all food pantry. If you are unable to recognize food moths, then it looks like small and dark butterflies. They tend to infest flours and grains. So check these packages first. 

Remember to check dry fruits, candies, pet foods. Moreover, keep your eye on adult butterflies, laying eggs and larvae of the food moth so you can stop the moths infestation in the house.

2. Clean The Cupboards

Wooden cupboards mostly attacked by the food/pantry moths. Thoroughly clean all racks of the cupboards. Vacuum the entire cupboard. Moreover wipe out the surface with a hot soapy water solution. Before closing the cupboard make sure to dry your cupboard properly.

3. Clean Food Waste

If there are any signs of an invasion in bins, be sure to throw the garbage cans and vacuum bag outside, away from the house. Clean food boxes and containers with white vinegar. White vinegar fights hard against pantry moths. For extra protection, use a few drops of essential oil like peppermint, lemongrass, or chemical sprays.

4. Prevent New Invasions

To prevent invasions, food should be stored in airtight containers. Besides all the containers are good like a glass plastic steel or whatever. If you bring any dry goods at home pack them in a plastic bag and then refrigerate it in the freezer. Sometimes food moths breed themselves in the seal pack food also. It is recommended to store the food in the freezer for a week to kill the food moths and their eggs. 

Book A Pantry Moths Pest Control Service

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